Wednesday, May 20, 2015

How about a snack?

Snacks.  Actually, healthy snacks.  It's important for me to have healthy snacks available.  You I'm not tempted (well, I'm still tempted!) to grab something very yummy that is NOT healthy.

At home I tend to be so busy that I seldom think about snacks.  I know...surprising!  At work, it's a whole different story. I have a desk job, so I'm sitting in my office for much of the day.  I use most of my breaks to go power walking, so no eating then.  But, all those hours at my desk tend to make me think of snacking.

I always bring a container of sliced, fresh apple as a snack.  Very nutritious and easy to grab while I'm working.  The problem apple doesn't seem to quite fill the void.  My work mornings are very long, so I bring a second snack.  This one is more filling and is delicious with a cup of coffee.

I call them Snack Pancakes, but the woman who created the recipe has 2 names for them.

Super Healthy Pancakes OR The How-Many-Healthy-Things-Can-I-Put-Into-a-Pancake Pancake.
Whatever you call them...I LOVE them.  When I make these pancakes I make a double batch, then freeze them between layers of wax paper in a freezer bag.  Each evening when I'm making my lunch for the next work day, I grab a pancake from the freezer and put it into a small plastic container.  So easy.

The website where I found this recipe is  Just click on the web address to follow the link.
To go to her blog post where you'll find the recipe, click on Healthy Pancakes.
Photo from GreenLiteBites website.

One of these little pancakes is very satisfying and keeps me going until lunch...along with that cup of coffee.  :)
I eat mine cold, from the fridge.  It's easy and not messy at all.  But, of course, they're delicious heated in the microwave.  You could even drizzle a little honey on them, or a dab of applesauce.

Other snacks I like are String Cheese (lower fat version) or a mix of walnut halves and dried cranberries or raisins.  The only problem (for me) is that I tend to eat too much of the walnut/cran or raisin mix because it's SO tasty.  Walnuts are very nutritious, but be mindful of the sugar content of dried fruits.   I try to go heavier on the walnuts and lighter on the dried fruit.

Something else that I enjoy as a snack is a hard-boiled egg.  I peel it at home then drop it into a container to bring to work.  I avoid the hassle and mess of peeling it at work, that way.  Another good option is yogurt.  To avoid artificial sweeteners, I prefer plain Greek yogurt to which I add my own fresh fruit.

There are so many pre-packaged snacks available in the supermarkets.  I've tried quite a few of them, but it seems that so many of them contain high levels of sodium, artificial sweeteners, etc....that I've returned to simple whole foods most of the time.

Oh.....I just remembered something!  Last Saturday I was busy in the kitchen for several hours doing food prep/cooking/roasting for this work week and I needed a quick but light lunch.  Remember...that was the day after I over-indulged at the fundraiser/garage sale?  You can read that post HERE.
Anyway, I looked through the fridge to see what I could toss together.  I found a small bowl of pineapple chunks.  So....I combined that with the last avocado (it was ripe and really needed to be eaten soon), then topped those with plain Greek yogurt and a sprinkle of chia seeds.  How was it?
It was yummy! Easy and quick, too.   Hmmm...those blueberries that are in my fridge right now, would have been a great addition.  Next time, huh?

I'm always looking for other healthy snack ideas.  Please share any other snack ideas you have!

By the way, feel free to leave a comment in the section below.  If you'd rather contact me personally, I've included a "Contact Me" form in the right side bar of this blog.  I would love to hear from you.



  1. Susie, you have inspired me! I am doing reading, stepping up my exercise and making effort to eat your stories and recipes! Thank you for sharing your journey!

  2. Loved reading this, Susie! Those healthy pancakes sound yummy. Thanks for sharing! :)