Saturday, May 16, 2015

About indulging, occasionally. A recipe, too!

I originally hadn't planned on writing about the topic of indulging in treats, just yet.

But.....since that's what I did yesterday, I figured it was the best time to discuss it.  I volunteered at a fundraising garage sale yesterday and I knew that each year Joanna includes a bake sale as part of the event.  Also, I knew that she would be treating us to lunch.  Since I was going to allow myself to eat some foods I don't normally eat, I planned ahead.
I ate super healthy all week, leading up to Saturday's fundraiser.  For breakfast I still had my baked oatmeal, as usual.

Then.  I had a mid-morning treat.  A Dunkin' Donuts glazed blueberry donut.  No, I don't think the bits of blueberry count as a serving of fruit!  Mid-afternoon, we had lunch from Portillo's.  They're know for their awesome Italian Beef sandwiches.  You guessed it, I ordered one.  Topped with mozzarella and sweet peppers.  I resisted ordering their delicious french fries.  Do I get credit for that, at least?  THEN, all those hours of standing near the check-out table (which happened to be the bake sale table, too!) staring at the sweets...well.  I had a few more sweets.

Yeah.  I hadn't planned on indulging THAT much.  Yikes.  I already knew what I needed to do.  Exactly what I've done before.

Get back on track immediately.  Today I cut back my caloric intake and upped my activity level.  Fewer calories consumed, more calories burned.

There may be a few people who can always, always stay on track and never, ever indulge.  I am not one of them.  So I indulge occasionally, so that I don't feel deprived then want to chow down on lots of junk food.  It would be so easy for me to do that.  It would be so easy to return to eating junk, and lots of it.  So easy.  I won't even tell you how MUCH I could eat.

Anyway, since I know these things about myself, I already know to get back on my healthy eating plan right away.  Just do it.  One, or several indulgences, during one day does not give me permission to just tell myself "oh the heck with it, I might as well eat _________ too."  Fill in the blank.

Sometimes I even stop and ask myself "is this unhealthy, yummy food really more important than maintaining my weight loss and letting my health go downhill again?"  Because if I allow it, time after time, those things will happen.  There are consequences for eating those foods over the long term and I remind myself what those consequences are.  And I think about the health problems that run in my family.

I'm back on track today.  Feeling good about it, too!

On a side note...I did my power walking outdoors this morning.  We had rain earlier, but it looked like we weren't getting anymore for a while.  You probably guessed it already.  I had only about 1/8 mile to go.  Yup, it started to rain.  Lightly at first.  Then it poured down!  Remember me saying that I'm not a runner (in one of my earlier posts)?  I became one this morning!  It didn't do me much good as I got soaked anyway.  Oh well!    I just waited until this afternoon to go back out and I added even more distance than I had planned to.   Sweet!

Alrighty now.  I wrote a more lengthy post than I intended.

On to the recipe I promised to share.  Crock Pot Steel Cut Oats.  It is SO yummy.  Each week I alternate between this recipe and the Baked Oatmeal recipe that I shared in my previous post.
I scanned this recipe in order to include it in this blog post.  I hope you're able to enlarge and print it.
This is before cooking, after mixing all ingredients together.

After cooking...yummy!
I've shared this recipe with quite a few friends.  If you try it, please let me know what you think!

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