Friday, May 29, 2015

A Salad Recipe, a FitBit surprise and a personal record

I'm sharing a recipe today, that I've made a couple of times.  It's a nice light summer-time salad.

Skinny Broccoli Salad
Follow the link above to get the recipe.

That's a photo of the salad I made last week for a family gathering.  This salad keeps well, surprisingly.  The leftovers didn't get soggy or water-y in the fridge.  That's important, since I enjoy leftovers!

If you've been reading my blog, you know that I love to prep ahead.  I don't mind eating the same foods several days in a row, as long as it's something yummy.  This is.

By the way, I've been logging the food I consume, using my FitBit app.  Among other things, FitBit totals my intake of carbs, fats, protein and calories.  I've been surprised at my carb totals.  It's been a little higher than I thought it actually was.  Since I usually stay away from simple carbs, mine are complex carbs, for the most part.  Still...I was surprised.  It can take some time to log in everything I eat, but having the information at my fingertips helps me to make better decisions about what I eat.

FitBit also shows me a comparison of the calories I've consumed and the calories I've burned that day.  Sometimes I realize that I'd better get moving and add more steps!  Once in a while I have a calorie deficit.  That hasn't happened often, though!

That reminds me that I wanted to share something fun with you.  Last Friday, I walked on my treadmill before heading out to shop, then to the family farms (my brothers-in-law farms).  After lunch, one of my sis-in-law had to run an errand. I asked my other sis-in-law to walk out towards the woods with me, since the weather was SO perfect.  Sunny and in the 70's with a light breeze.

Later, after I got home I decided to add some more steps to my day.  I headed outside again.
After a while I realized how close I was to setting a personal record for me.  So, pushed a little further.

I walked 24,043 steps that day. If I remember correctly, that was just over 10 miles.
My previous record was just over 21,000.
That was so exciting for me and it was fun to compete!

Hey, til next time...

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