Sunday, January 15, 2017

Holiday Indulgences and Old Habits

You can probably guess by the title of this post, what I'm writing about today.

Throughout the year I indulge occasionally in some sweet treats.  A few simple carbs, now and then too.  But just a few.  No harm done.
Well, that time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is THE most difficult time for me to resist treats.  They're at work, they're at holiday parties, they're everywhere!
This year I certainly indulged a few times too often.  The result was a weight gain of 5 pounds.  Oh my....that was difficult to write.  Ouch!
I realized how VERY easy it is to give in to those old habits of "treating myself" to unhealthy foods.  Too often.  Bad habits, no matter from how long ago, are so easy for me to fall back into.  I changed to a healthy eating lifestyle in August of 2013, so it's been a few years.  But, oh how easy I can pick up those bad habits.  At those times, it's easy to think of myself as someone addicted to food.  It can be a crutch.  It can be comforting.  It can be so much more (or less?) than a source of nutrition!

My bathroom scale and I have not been buddies lately.  BUT I'm working to change that.  I've lost half of that weight gain and I'm working to lose the remainder.

I, mentally, beat up myself for gaining those pounds.  I'm glad you couldn't hear those conversations with myself.
What if I can't lose those 5 pounds?
What if I gain more weight?
What if I, then, can't wear all the cute clothing I've bought?  My favorite jeans especially.
Buy a bigger size???  No.  Just...NO.

Eventually, I stopped that crazy whirlwind of negative and destructive thoughts. It took a while.

I'm sure I'm not the only person that gained a few, or more than a few, pounds over the holidays.
But, believe me, it's reason for concern and stress for someone like me.  Someone who worked hard and made many lifestyle changes, in order to lose 77 pounds and get healthy.  And working on staying healthy.  Yes, it is work...and always will be.  But it's very important work.

I know that I will lose those few extra pounds.  I know how to do it; I've done it before.  I'll do it again in the future...I'm sure.  This will be a lifelong journey.  And it won't ever be easy.  But it IS doable and it IS worth it.   So. Very. Worth. It.

I love this version of me, so I want to take care of her!  She's worth it.