Saturday, July 25, 2015

Stress, food and our bodies

A couple of months ago I began following a blog written by Min, who is a registered dietician.  Her blog is titled MJ & Hungryman.  I'm learning so much from her blog!  And it's not only info about food.  She also shares information about stress and anxiety, cortisol and gratitude.

That's just a few of the topics that she talks about.  She also share recipes, links to additional information and recommends books.  I've not read any of the books, so I can't personally recommend any of them.  Anyway, she is a wealth of information and I love her writing style.

I'm sharing a few links to some individual posts that have really spoken to me.

Gratitude - A natural way to fight stress and axiety
How to reduce cortisol naturally

4 Healthy ways to handle food cravings

All of these post are well worth the few minutes it takes to read them.  Truly useful information that is easy to read.  I hope you'll click through and check out Min's blog.  :)

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