Sunday, July 12, 2015

Guilty of "busy" again

In my previous post I talked about "busyness".  I also talked how I was working on not pushing myself to be so busy.  Well, that's still a work in progress.  Friday was an extremely busy day for me.  It began with an early morning walk, about 4 miles I think.
I hurried to eat breakfast, got myself ready and headed out to do our shopping.  Lots of stops.   Home around noon and ate a quick (but healthy) lunch.

Then the real work started.  We did a week's worth of laundry.   I did food prep, cooking, etc ALL afternoon.  Yes, I have my breakfast and lunch foods ready for the coming work week.  But.  I was worn out.  Exhausted.

Yup, I did it to myself again.  Pushing myself to "do".  I usually do some of my food prep Friday evening and the remainder on Saturday.  But, I had invited a friend (who is also my cousin) to come over on Saturday to do some stamping (paper crafting...usually greeting cards) with me.  Oh, and I still hadn't done any house cleaning, since nearly every work night last week was "busy".  Guilty again.  :(

Can I not practice what I preach???  Yikes!

Anyway.  On Saturday morning I made the decision that whatever cleaning my hubby and I could get done, would be enough.  Hey, the floors got swept and mopped.  That felt like "good" to me! 
Once I told myself to stop and realize "enough is enough", I relaxed and enjoyed the rest of the day.

While I waited for my stamping buddy Cheryl, I finally sat down and relaxed.  Watched a bit of TV with my hubby.  Browsed some stamping blogs for card ideas.  I was relaxed and ready to create when Cheryl arrived.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh.   I had a wonderful time creating and talking....really talking (about lots of stuff) on Saturday.  Those hours of conversation and creating were good for my soul.  I love creating, but I love it even more when I get the chance to spend time creating with a friend (or 3 or 4 when I get the chance!).   I felt so happy, calmed and re-energized.  I'm still smiling now, as I write this post, early Sunday morning.  :)

Do what brings you joy.  Oh, and while you're at it...remind me to do the same.  Often.  Okay?


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