Thursday, November 19, 2015

Sole Sisters Race Team!

I've been intending to share some photos from a 5k race that I did last month.  This time I formed a race team.  Several of my friends have never participated in a race and they really wanted to give it a try.  They suggested I form a we became the Sole Sisters race team.

Of course, I enjoy participating in races.  I've talked about that on my blog in the past.  But, racing as part of a team made it even more fun!  There were 6 members in our team for the Autumn on Parade race, in nearby Oregon, IL.  Some of us walked (yes, I was one!) and some ran.  Some did a combination of both.  Some of us kept passing other members as they switched from running to walking.  Nothing like a little friendly competition!

I'll leave you with a couple of photos from race day.  Fun times with fun friends!

From left to right: me, Tina (in pink, of course), Sandy, Connie, Janie & Rhonda

From left to right in my car (no, I was not driving at the time!): Tina, Janie and me
Way back in August I signed up for the Gobbler Gallup 5k Race that will be held this Saturday, November 21st.  Yeah, I know what the weather can be like in northern Illinois this time of year.  But, I hadn't bargained for what the weather forecast is saying now.    What have I gotten myself into???

A facebook post (below)  by a local meteorologist...Candice King.
Winter Storm Watch in effect for all of N. IL and S. WI beginning Friday evening. This could potentially be a big, first snow with totals over 6". Let's start planning now for travel during that time. Good news it will be coming over a weekend. Looks like we are going to dive right onto winter!
It is important to note that this is still 36 hours out, and this forecast could change.


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